Why you should be buying locally made fashion.

Posted on 03 14 2016

 Here's the big misconception. Fast fashion is not the way of the future. 

 Made abroad products have become the cheapest and most affordable products on our markets and this is especially true for the fashion world. Big companies and fashion brands push low-cost clothes on a daily basis which change the philosophy of the average consumer: we no longer look for quality but aim to accumulate quantity. We want more and we want it cheap – and mass produced garments are here to offer exactly that.

But it doesn't have to, and it shouldn't be this way. Here are our 3 big reasons to start supplementing your wardrobe with locally made fashion:


  1.   Ethics

Countries such as Australia have strict minimum wage requirements and WHS regulations for local factories. This ensures quality of life and safety standards are met for all local workers. Paying a slightly higher price for items produced in these factories is always worth it.

Ethical clothing is rarely mass produced. Apart from ensuring a stop to the horror stories of the foreign sweatshops, locally produced clothes also decrease the carbon footprint which makes them a more environmentally-friendly alternative. 

When you choose to buy locally made clothes, you also invest in higher quality garments that you know have met your country’s health and safety standards. Clothing produced abroad might not have undergone the same rigorous regulations which is often reflected in their lower price tag


  1. Economy

 Locally-produced items have always been around but they declined in popularity; with them, thousands of jobs disappeared at an alarming rate; transporting the mass-produced clothes to countries all over the world.

By supporting locally made garments, you can indirectly contribute to securing old jobs and creating new ones – because when it comes to the economy, we are all part of one cycle.


  1. Push against fast fashion

And last but not least, locally made clothing has one major advantage over mass production – it’s unique. When you buy a product from a large international brand, chances are that, apart from it being lower quality, you’ll run into a handful of people wearing the same outfit.

 Locally made garments give you the opportunity to express yourself and push against fast fashion. There is a boutique shop or label for every fashion style and every body shape. Embrace your uniqueness and find a locally made product today!


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