Posted on May 29 2017


Styling for a petite woman does not have to be with the express purpose of appearing taller. Most of the time, having a flattering fit for your figure is more than enough. Here are some of Majestee's tips for dressing a petite frame.


1) Show some skin.

Many tips fall under this category. An outfit that may seem like it swamps a petite frame can be made flattering with a few minor adjustments. Showing some skin helps break up overbearing clothes.

- Cuff pants: Cuffing long pants to just above the ankle bone is flattering, particularly with slim style pants.

- Roll up sleeves: Jumpers and jackets often have sleeves too wide overall for a petite woman. Rolling up sleeves to show forearms both removes this issue and shows your true size underneath it. 

- V necks: Particularly with winter looks when your whole body is covered, V neck silhouettes give you the illusion of an elongated neck and make an entire look less bulky.


 2) Hip length is your friend.

Crop jackets are often listed as a great option for petite frames. However, hip length jackets and coats look great on you, especially paired with slim pants/bottoms. Even boxy or voluminous styles can work at this length. 

3) Colour work 

Monochrome or similar toned outfits are often not as jarring on a petite figure as clashing colours. This does not limit you to all black. All nude tones or all shades of blue (or any other colour) in a look keep the balance just as well and look super polished and sleek.

- Match shoes to bottoms. To keep a smooth and effortless transition from outfit to accessories, match your shoe colour as close as you can to the colour of the lower half of your outfit. This ensures legs do not appear cut off at an odd point and add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.






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