How to find the best colors for your skin tone and know which season you are. Learning the 4 season color theory

Posted on 21 35 2015

The 4 season color theory has been used for years to determine the best fashion and beauty choices for each person, and has helped many frustrated shoppers make better decisions, making shopping for clothes so much less stressful! 

Each person can find out their best fashion colors by simply looking at their skin tone and natural features. Finding the right colour for you can help make you look brighter, fresher and bring out the best of your features.

Here is a quick and easy go-to guide for each of the seasons. Once you find your season, save the graphic and use it as a reference when you go shopping.



summer season fashion guide

People with summer coloring  typically have cool undertone skin. You can determine if your skin has cool undertones by seeing if your skin gives off pinkish or blue hues. Cool undertones typically also suit silver jewellery the best.

Summer season people also mostly have light hair and eye colors.

If you are a summer, your best colors are pastels. Your best neutral shades are nudes and off-whites but you should stay away from black. Muddy deep colors also do you no favors so stick to beautiful cool aquas and rose colors to bring out the best of your beautiful complexion.


People with autumn season coloring have warm undertone skin. You can determine if you have warmer skin by seeing if you give off yellow or golden hints. Gold jewellery also suits you best and you are more likely to tan than burn. Autumns also have dark features such as brown hair or eyes.

As an Autumn, your best colors are deep and rich, much like fall leaves. Muted and muddy shades bring out your skin tone and maroon is one of your best colors. Olive green and dark tans also compliment your complexion. The colors you should avoid are bright pinks and blues.


People with winter coloring have cool undertone skin and dark features (see above for explanations).

Winter ladies are in the minority as the only season where black, red and white are their stand out colors. No other season can pull off the extremes quite like a winter. Other colours that suit winters are deep jewel tones such as emerald green.  Yellows and muddy colours should be avoided.


People with spring coloring often get confused with summers. You are a spring if you have light features but unlike summer, warm undertones.

As a Spring, you can pull of caramel and dark tan colours like no other. Coral, mint green and dusty pinks are also great on you. Colors you should avoid are blacks and grey.


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