The effect of bad posture on your fashion choices and 5 easy steps to solve it.

Posted on 20 04 2015

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing, only to realize it makes you look awful? Sometimes, the problem is not in the design of the dress or the way you look… but actually, in the way you stand.

Poor posture has an interesting intersection with fashion. Think about it: every time you try on new clothes, you most probably unconsciously improve your posture, when looking at yourself in the mirror. Poor posture does nothing for your carefully-sewn dress - in fact, it can almost ruin the way any piece of clothing looks on you!

Designer clothes and fast fashion alike are specifically designed to fit a proper posture. Designers and patternmakers spend hours analyzing the fit of their clothes on a model and rework it until it's just right. In a similar way, consider how clothes are draped on a mannequin- the perfect example of exceptional posture, and something quite difficult to live up to as a living person. 

Instead of simply accepting that you’ll always have those slouched shoulders, do something for your posture - and your clothes. Here are our 5 easy tips to improving your posture with minimal effort!

    1. Get up. Poor posture is almost always a result of a sedentary lifestyle and staying hunched over at your desk. Take a time out and start moving - do a quick set of stretches for your neck, back and shoulders, even get up to make yourself a tea. (Look up from your phone once in a while too).
    2. Sit up. Think about switching to a standing desk, or using a gym ball instead of a chair as it’ll avoid the slouched-over position that damages your posture. It will help train your core and hold you more upright day to day.
    3. Invest.  Invest in shoes with lots of support, as they won’t cause your back muscles to develop more on one side than the other. Arch support shoes can also help correct hip, knee and neck problems which all contribute to posture and well-being.
    4. Get motivated. Ask a friend to help and remind you when you start slouching. Most of the time we don't realize when we do it so a subtle prompt can go a long way.
    5. Get moving. Finally, visit a physiotherapist for some exercises and stretches tailored to you. Go out for a quick run or join a gym. Change the way you stand today and start wearing your clothes with confidence!

    - Majestee

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