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Posted on 27 16 2014

Spring 2015 Collection

While our winter collection has only just launched and winter is not even here yet, as always in the world of fashion we look ahead to what we want to be wearing in the near future. Our inspiration for our upcoming Spring 2015 Collection is after the break.


As a huge fan of the final fantasy series starting from a young age, the character Shiva, appearing in most versions of the game has always been an intriguing and mysterious character. Ice queen, Diamond dust, mesmerizing Android. These are some of the things that come to mind when i think of Shiva and was always in the back of my mind when creating the collection with her name.


Here is Shiva’s wiki page. She is mostly characterized by cool blues and greens and this led the way for the colour palette of the season. Her robotic, otherworldly nature has influenced our silhouettes and shapes and pushed us further than we ever have designing for Majestee Clothing. She is strong and fierce, the very definition of the Majestee woman and the perfect muse for us. Were so excited to share our next collection with you guys but to tie you over til then, enjoy some pics of shiva and other photos that inspired us..


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